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Managing Change
How do we manage in a constantly changing business environment? Business aligned change affects everybody and the ability to manage the uncertainty with innovative and creative management strategies is vitally important. Our courses use several complex problem solving scenarios to help people and teams devise strategies for coping with the new challenges often inherent with change. Operating outside your ‘comfort zone’ and ‘thinking outside the box’ are buzz words often associated with change, we ask that you approach the exercises with an open mind and a willingness to learn – we believe that the new goals and objectives brought about by change can be truly inspirational and open peoples minds to new possibilities. The organizations best equipped to foresee and cope with change are those where the personnel have a common understanding and a good insight into the beliefs and culture of the organization. This fosters strong support and a holistic approach to devising new management strategies in the face of change.

programs are designed to address the following themes:

1.    Energizing individuals, teams and divisions
2.    Building trust
3.    Developing support mechanisms
4.    Developing problem solving skills and strategies
5.    Cross-cultural interaction
6.    Developing high performance teams
7.    Improving communication and listening skills
8.    Nurturing tolerance and facilitating conflict resolution
9.    Stress management
10.    Creating an environment conducive to risk taking
11.    Appreciating the wildlife, natural and human environment