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Rafting and kayaking on Bhote kosi and Upper Sunkosi

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Bhote Koshi River
4 / (5)
From: km 95 to The Dam
Distance: 20km
River Days: 2
Av. Gradient: 80 ft per mile
Best Season: Oct-Dec, Feb-May
Departures: every second day

The Bhote Kosi / Upper Sun Kosi (during high water) is without a doubt the most action packed white water run in Nepal. The river drops off steeply providing continuous stretches of powerful class III-IV white water. Boulder gardens, small waterfalls, steep chutes and 90-degree bends present a multitude of hazards to be negotiated. The Bhote Kosi it is a technical river requiring an active crew. This run is not for the faint hearted !

At the end of an action packed day, you can relax and watch the sun set from the thatched bar of the Sukute Beach Resort or, the porch of your spacious, safari style tent. This is the place to mellow out! We guarantee that no one will try to sell you anything! Stay as long as you want, sunbathe on our sandy beach, read a book in peace, sit and chat around a fire, play backgammon in the bar, or enjoy the stars and sounds of the river.

A beautiful steep mountain river only a few hours drive from KTM offering two days of intense challenging activity.

Rafters need no previous experience

This is the perfect river for the expert kayaker. The rapids are continuous and powerful with great surfing and hole riding. A bombproof roll is a prerequisite.
A Pre-departure meeting is held the evening prior to your departure at our Kathmandu sales office, 6pm.


Day 01: 7 am meet at Equator Sales Office - store extra luggage. Breakfast, (not included). Drive Sukute Beach Resort (69km). Lunch. Drive to put- in (22km). Load rafts - safety briefing depart.
The first day provides about three and half hour of pure heart pumping adrenaline. After a long series of class 3 rapids we drop into the first class 4 rapid, " Gerbil in the Plumbing". From here there is a stretch of class 3 whitewater and then we come to the crux of the day, which is a long, technical rapid, "Frog in a Blender". A long series of class 3+/4 rapids lead us into one of the guide’s favourites, "Carnal Knowledge of a Deviant Nature". The remaining ten kilometers of river is a non-stop series of technical class 3 and 4 drops. The river flows through a beautiful narrow canyon with lush green vegetation and waterfalls coming in from the steep stone walls. At the bottom of this stretch is the village of Barabise, our take out.

Day 02: Breakfast, pack gear and drive up stream for another action packed day. Lunch on the river before continuing to the previous days take out. From here the action increases as we head down towards the steep and technical rapids of the, "The Great Wall". From here rapid follows rapid; "Liquid Bliss", "Fake Right Go Left" and "My God, What To Do?" culminate with, "Dazed And Confused". Without a doubt this is some of the finest whitewater rafting to be had anywhere. Once gear is loaded it’s a short drive to Sukute Resort, time for a cold beer before returning to KTM.