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Nepal’s First Kayak School
With warm water, clear skies and thousands of miles of spectacular river systems, Nepal is a Mecca for white water enthusiasts. Located only 69 miles east of Kathmandu, the Sukute Beach Kayak School has become one of Nepala’s favorite adventure destinations. It is truly the perfect environment for an introductory course in white water kayaking. Skilled & enthusiastic instructors will guide you in the techniques required to handle your own kayak in the rapids of the Bhote Kosi River. Evenings are spent in the tranquil surroundings of the camp lodge recounting tall tales of an action-packed day over a cup of rum punch. With volleyball, our private beach and a bar, Sukute Beach offers the opportunity to enjoy life and relax.
---- Industry leading kayak Instruction
--- World Class Paddling Location .
---- programs for Paddlers of all levels .
--- Kids kayaking Camps .
---- Wet Suit / Dry Tops

Departures every day
A Pre-departure meeting is held the evening prior to your departure at our Kathmandu sales office, 6pm.

4 days Itinerary (Beginner)

Day 01: Dept KTM 7.00  Lunch, equipment introduction, safety talk, wet exit and basic paddle strokes.

Day 02: Introduction to ferry glides, eddy work, support strokes, T-rescue and river reading skills.

Day 03: Kayak Bhote Kosi - Introduction to Eskimo Roll.

Day 04: Kayak Sukute to Chehere, Eskimo rolling and wave surfing.

7 days Itinerary (Beginner/Intermediate)

This program is designed for the first time or beginner paddler. Classes begin on flat-water by introducing basic strokes, boat control, and the Eskimo roll before we move to the river. This course is intended to give you a solid foundation that emphasizes proper technique and control so that you are poised to move ahead with confidence. We will kayak on the lower Bhote Koshi River (upper Sunkoshi River) and, if water levels permit, on sections of the Bale phi and Upper Bhote Koshi river.
Because we custom tailor our programs to the paddler's needs, we often can accommodate stronger paddlers during these weeks. We "sub-group" the students into different levels according to the skills each paddler most needs to work on, so whether you've had some experience or not, we will group you accordingly. Equator Expeditions provides the latest top-of-the-line kayaks and equipment for these classes (including life jacket, spray skirt, fleece top, paddling jacket, paddle, and boat). By March to May and September to Mid November, the weather and water are quite warm and dry suits or wet suits are usually not needed.

Day 01: Drive 2 & ½ hrs drive to our camp. Finds students becoming familiar with the kayaks and equipment, safety procedures, and the basic strokes. Two spring-fed ponds adjacent to the lodge are used to introduce you to the sport. Near the end of the day, the roll is introduced.

Day 02: Reinforces the skills introduced on the first day and students will learn how to handle gentle currents and maneuver in the river.

Days 3, 4, 5 : Find the class moving forward on the river, practicing new skills and gaining comfort in their boats. Eddy turns, peel-outs, ferries, edge control, and the roll will be covered along with important concepts such as vision and river reading. Day four is usually devoted to roll and stroke review so you can relax and pursue other activities if you like.

Days 6 & 7 : These days are lots of fun and serve to strengthen your newly acquired skills and comfort on the water in a social setting.